A Brief Respite, Grandpa Lemke and Higher Self

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Two works finished at the end of 2014, as well as the rough lines for another piece I will redo in greater detail in ink, then paint in watercolor or digitally.

Year of the Ram

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Happy New Year!

2015.01.01 - Year of the Ram

Micah (Silverpoint Drawing)

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A quick drawing in silverpoint of Micah.

“Flow” Paintings

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I finally scanned in a slew of “Flow”-style paintings. The “Flow” style is designed around allowing the acrylic ink to inform what becomes of the painting rather than starting with a plan. Sometimes this becomes an abstracted work which possesses design elements only and many other times it becomes figurative.


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2014.10.21 - Shoal

As I’m teaching a workshop at Affaire d’Art this coming weekend regarding the “Flow” style, I’ll be scanning in some smaller works using the technique of the class. This is Shoal, so named because that is what a group of squid is called. Although these are abstracted, they generally give that kind of feeling.

Wings Tattoo and Slipping Away

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I recently completed two different pieces: the design for the wings tattoo I intend to get on my back, which mirrors my hip tattoos; and Slipping Away, a print illustration for my comic C’est La Mort.

Laugh Laugh (C’est La Mort)

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2014.09.07 - Last Laugh

Illustration of Death from C’est La Mort. This will be offered as a print on my webstore in the near future.